Addicted To Breaks

Relentless from the outset, Addicted to breaks is a full on Tek breaks peak time club set that pulls no punches. Fast paced, in your face, hot and sweaty unapologetic 3am club music.

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01. Diverted - Addicted - Sokolov Sounds
02. Kickflip - Freaky Funky Nasty – FAT
03. Smithmonger - Straight Out Of Burnie - Payback Project
04. Nitro - This Way (VIP Mix) - Audio Bug
05. Klaus Heavyweight Hill - Deep Space (Dopamine Remix) - Title Fight
06. Swain And Paris - What Is This (Metric Remix) - Spin Out
07. Move Ya! And Steve Lavers - Rock Me (Stripped Down Mix) - Audio Bug
08. Taishan - Black Mamba Funk (Move Ya! And Steve Lavers Mix) - Resin Records
09. Nitro - Violence - ibreaks
10. Unknown - Celebrety Overnight - White


Monkey said...

Man, I love this mix :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice breaks
Progressive Breaks mix

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