A collection of 16 DJ Mixes by Owen Spencer made between 2005/2006 - ranging from deep progressive to tear out breakbeat all mixed from vinyl on Technics 1210 turntables and a RedSound Mixer.

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or add the RSS feed to your podcatcher, or download mixes individually from the direct download link on each mixes page which includes a full tracklist and links to buy the tracks in iTunes where available. Enjoy!

For my personal site check out owenspencer.co.uk

Mix Pages

Essential Mix 2006Addicted To BreaksBreaks Night Room 2 - FunkyBreaks Night Room 1 - TekDark and Hard Nu SkoolTight and FocusedSub Bass and Dirty BeatsSynth Nu SkoolElectro FunkTek Room 2Tek Room 1Tough Main RoomElectro TekPercussive ThinkingProgressive Breaks 2Progressive Breaks 1


Monkey said...

Enjoy Indeed!!!
Finally arrived here after stumbling across the "Addicted To Breaks" mix. Downloaded ALL the mixes today and currently listening to "Sub Bass & Dirty Beats".
Nice choice of Choons & mixed the proper way, the only way - on 1210's. Sorted. Cheers Mr S.

NoHanded1 said...

Hey Owen!! I can't believe you rank no. 9 on Google for "Breakbeat mixes" on itunes ;)

Are you still using this site?

Would you be able to link to Lifesupportmachine.co.uk?

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